UC! Web™
100% Military Compliance
for New Acquisitions and Property Management

Asset management and reporting just got a lot easier

Watch to learn how A2B Tracking’s 3 Legs of the Stool can help you to achieve 100% military compliance
to end item shipments and management of government property.

Property Management

UC! Web™ is specifically designed for you to comply with US military requirements and with

FAR 52.245-1 (Government Property)
DFARS 252.211-7003 (Item Identification and Valuation)
DFARS 252.211-7007 (Reporting of Government Furnished Property)

It’s different from other systems because it was designed from the ground up with military standards for asset and shipment identification (IUID and RFID) as well as integrated WAWF and IUID Registry reporting as core capabilities yet flexible enough to handle all company property.

Contract Management

Manage all of your contract data, CLIN data and other line item details with seamless association to your IUID pedigree data.

UC! Web™ stores all contract details required for invoicing and shipment of new acquisitions or property contracts with receipts, shipments and inventories.

IUID Generation and Compliance

UC! Web™ is a military-grade cloud-based system that addresses your total IUID compliance requirements from labeling to verification to electronic reporting to WAWF and the IUID Registry.

Create linear or 2D Data Matrix barcodes and RFID labels, and register any mission critical asset or deliverable for accurate data from the very start.

Print, mark, track, ship and update the status of any asset using IUID or RFID throughout its lifecycle.

Military Shipping Label Generation and Compliance

UC! Web™ meets all of your exact specifications required for military case and pallet labels (MSLs) and MIL STD 129 compliant RFID labels.

Manage shipments and tracking with pallet, case and item level hierarchy.

UC! Web™ also automates electronic invoice submissions to WAWF. Contractors can automate Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) and DD250 forms.

WAWF and IUID Registry reporting

UC! Web™ is designed for your businesses or military command that needs on-time automated electronic WAWF and IUID Registry reporting without the high-cost of manual data entry.

UC! Web™ lives in the cloud, so you can manage all reportable WAWF and IUID data across multiple locations anytime, from anywhere.

Automatically receive software updates with the latest changes as government systems and policies change.

Mobility – Industrial Scanners,
Tablets or Smartphones

UC! Web™ allows computing from any device.

Scan and edit your detailed asset or shipment data and perform accurate inventories from any mobile device, tablet or smartphone with
UC! Mobile™ software.

Need more durability?
UC! Mobile™ software is pre-integrated to modern Zebra and Honeywell mobile computers for industrial environments.

Get asset visibility from remote areas and be confident you’ll always know where your assets are.

Track assets and meet 100% compliance across your enterprise

UC! Web™ is your all-in-one solution for tracking and reporting assets while ensuring 100% compliance to your contracts.

Download this informative brochure to learn how UC! Web™ can transform your business.

Military Certifications

CoN Approved

With the Certificate of Networthiness,
UC! Web™ is assured against network security risks and impacts associated with fielding military information systems.

FedRAMP Certified

UC! Web™ is hosted in a cloud environment that meets the federal government’s standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud-software.


UC! Web’s cloud-environment supports ITAR compliance for controlling unintended exports by restricting access to protected data to US persons and restricting physical location of that data to the US.







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“The first major hurdle was overcome by utilizing the services of A2B Tracking. They had a great grasp of IUID requirements. The analysis phase resulted in A2B Tracking providing specific guidance regarding the actions we would need to address in order to implement a fully compliant IUID marking and registration process.”

– L3 Technologies

UC! Web™ has processed more than 7 million military assets which represents nearly 25% of the IUID Registry.

“Our team selected A2B Tracking and UC! Web™ software not only because it was the best IUID data management and reporting software product for the legacy environment, but also because of the knowledge and responsiveness of the company’s staff.”

– US Army

“Our auditor was so impressed by the improvements to our system, we not only passed our audit but we were designated a “Low Risk” contractor and put on an audit schedule frequency of every 3 years.”

– Scientific Research Corporation

Selected Clients

America's Navy
L3 Communications

What happens if I don’t do it?

Failed Audits

Inferior management systems can lead to failed audits and lost contracts worth millions of dollars.

Customer Embarrassment

Earning a military contract takes significant time and money. Failing to meet all terms of the contract erodes confidence in the eyes of your Program customers.

Risking Contracts

Non-conformance of contract requirements puts you at risk of losing your existing contract or jeopardizing your contract renewal.

What makes us better?

Asset Management

UC! Web™ manages corporate property, all military assets and shipments, property transfers and asset lifecycle events with direct reporting to government systems.

Automation to WAWF
and IUID Registry

UC! Web™ was designed from the ground up with military standards for asset and shipment identification (IUID and RFID) as well as integrated WAWF and IUID Registry reporting as core capabilities yet flexible enough to handle all company property.

Fast to Deploy
and Integrate

UC! Web™ is a single cloud-based system, fully integrated. No confusing modules or costly separate purchases which makes the entire system deployment fast and simple.

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