High-grade Polyester Composite Resistant to Tough Environmental Conditions


A2B-Black-on-Silver-Label-or-Plate-300x148Schreiner Color Laser Film (CLF) label stock is a high-grade polyester composite that is extremely resistant to environmental conditions and has outstanding adhesion properties for rough industrial applications. CLF labels can be marked by a laser in a zero-emission process, during which the laser-active layer below the transparent laminate produces a high-contrast color reference layer for the inscription. Using laser cutting for the marking process, the film surface remains undamaged with no ablation of film particles, creating a tough, highly environment–resistant label.

Schreiner CLF is designed with an acrylic adhesive that has an extremely high tactile force. Due to its modified formula, this adhesive has been proven to perform on many different material substrates. CLF is available either as continuous material for individual laser cutting at the user’s premises or as film labels cut to specified sizes.

>>Schreiner Color Laser Film Datasheet

Key Advantages

Schreiner’s color laser film/adhesive combination is perfectly suited for use in rough industrial environments or applications involving extreme ambient conditions. It consistently delivers:

  • Excellent contrast
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, mechanical abrasion, and more
  • Zero-emission laser marking process
  • A non-halogen film, free of silicone and resistant to plasticizers
  • Dimensionally stable and tear-resistant for heavy-duty use in industrial environments
  • Suitable lamp or diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser systems and fiber lasers


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