Trucheck Verifier


The Trucheck Verifier is an easy-to-use 2D imaging barcode verifier. This unit is great for checking compliance to MIL-STD-130 requirements and works on all UID labels, plates, and direct part marks.

TruCheck provides a fully integrated and portable TruMatrix imaging head that connects to a PC through the USB port. Simply position the image over a bar code and press the button. Clear and concise results are displayed instantly. The graphic interface shows operators clearly where the potential problem exists.

Engineered for repeatability, the TruMatrix imaging head, combined with integrated 45 degree or combination 30/45/90 degree illumination in a rugged housing, provides ideal conditions for verification with the CCD-based imager. After simple calibration, there is nothing to focus or align. You are guaranteed accurate and stable verification results.

UID Data Validation

Data content of the UID mark is validated and given a pass/fail grade. Data format failures causes are clearly spelled out to make corrective action easy.


Verification and validation information can be printed out, stored electronically or used in 3rd party software solutions.


Verification Standards:

  • Fully Compliant with ISO 154515
  • ISO 16022
  • Checks GS1 AI data format
  • Full Compliant with AIM DPM Standard
  • MIL-STD-130
  • Features and Benefits:
  • Accurate and repeatable results with the push of a button. Anyone can use it. Eliminates operator error. No need for expensive operator training.
  • Hardware configurations for any application.
  • In depth reporting

System Requirements

Supporting Operation Systems: Window 2000


Webscan, Inc.


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