Asset Management Software Across your Enterprise

Your results are only as good as your data. At A2B, our strategy is to ensure that you get accurate data from the start, delivering one version of the truth throughout your organization and embedding it into your business processes. We give you the asset management software tools you need to capture data into your system, reduce errors, and ensure that you comply with industry standards, all from a centralized database. Track detailed asset information down to the item level so you can put your hands on any item at a moment’s notice, from assembly and acquisition through shipment and disposal.

UC! Web Asset Management Software lets you manage pedigree data and lifecycle events for serialized and non-serialized items, control unique asset identification data, create embedded relationships, monitor condition, manage jobs and contracts, and reconcile inventory all in a single application. Import or scan items with linear or IUID 2D Data Matrix barcodes into UC! Web for comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate asset information.

  • Import files, scan, create or export item asset data
  • Scan any linear or 2D barcode including IUID compliant barcodes from one system, one record
  • Scan, manage and track UII and non-UII serialized and non-serialized data
  • Scan and create embedded relationships on the fly
  • Create and modify IUID and MIL STD 130 layouts and templates
  • Create additional mark templates for automatic generation of certain additional marks
  • Capture and track timelines showing when items are printed, validated, affixed and registered
  • Item pedigree contains: manufacturing dates, warranty period, value, batch and lot numbers, class, type, asset ID, NSN, item image
  • Accepts many standard import file formats such as CSV and TSV
  • Provides powerful part and serial number management for item pedigree
  • Create custom fields for managing and tracking additional data
  • Manage contracts and associated item data
  • Manage Warranty information for parts and equipment
  • Manage contract numbers, types, DUNS, CAGE, DoDAAC and transfer authority
  • Create and manage export file formats by data type and position
  • Application-ready reports with search and filter features

Knowing where your equipment is and when it’s ready to be shipped, maintained or deployed is imperative. UC Web! makes it easier to control asset, part and tool data in production, in the field, depot or research facility. Across the enterprise, UC! Web helps you get the job done on budget and on time, and get your data right every time – a critical factor in the success of your mission.


A solution to
track assets and report
with military precision.

A solution to
meet 100% military compliance
and achieve total peace of mind.

Custom IUID Labels and
Military Shipping Labels (MSL)
shipped to my door.