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Regardless of the type of assets that you manage, understanding how to implement and maintain Government Property, advanced barcode and RFID asset management in your organization can be overwhelming. Our eBooks, Guides and Whitepapers give you the information you need to get started with Asset Management — from meeting compliance to tracking and reporting with government systems. Read at your own pace, come back and ask us questions. We’re here for you.

Free eBooks, Guides, and Whitepapers

DCMA Survival Guide 2020

DCMA Survival Guide
– New 2020 Update –

Our new DCMA Survival Guide, has been updated for 2020 and teaches you about new requirements related to audit-readiness, updates on reporting to government systems and tools to support the passing of a DCMA audit. The guide will also explain the consequences of non-conformance and the impacts of a failed audit.

Zebra RFID Solutions

Zebra RFID Solutions

RFID is transforming the way we track, trace and manage products and assets across an array of industries. Learn how RFID is enabling unprecedented tracking efficiency, asset accountability and inventory accuracy.

Tracking Physical IT Assets with RFID

Tracking Physical
IT Assets with RFID

In this whitepaper, we discuss why organizations should take an aggressive approach to further leverage RFID technology in order to automate their IT asset management capabilities. Learn about the problems with barcodes and the benefits of RFID tracking for IT equipment.

Guide to Audit Readiness

 The 2019 Guide to Audit Readiness will teach you what you need know to be able to manage your government property and military shipments in order to stay compliant to your contract obligations. This complete guide will share valuable insights into how to prepare for and develop an audit readiness program.

Guide to Marking and
Uploading Government Property

 This guide will help ensure that your IUID Marking and Registration effort is Audit-Ready. If you are a defense contractor, being prepared for an audit by DCMA is critical to the success of your program. This guide will help you to understand the compliance requirements and reporting obligations for your government property and material.

RFID Tracking for
Military IT Asssets

Download our free guide to learn how RFID is a game changer for tracking Military IT assets. Learn how the benefits of RFID technology will provide improved visibility, improved accuracy and maintain a higher level of accountability of each unique asset in order to comply with their mandated audits.

The 2017 FIAR

The 2017 FIAR Directorate – How to be audit-ready and fully compliant, contains valuable insights not only into how to become compliant to the upcoming FIAR mandates, but also the benefits of utilizing a modern asset management platform that can improve efficiencies at your organization and also help you stay 100% military compliant.

The Essential Property Management Guide

Winning federal contracts can be lucrative and often provide numerous networking and growth opportunities. But being awarded a contract also means complying with laws and regulations unique to government contractors. Many property managers and administrators are unprepared for the avalanche of rules that may or may not apply to their contracts.

Track and Manage Assets Like the Pentagon

Logistics can be difficult. Fortunately, we have the example of the US Military to learn from as they manage one of the most complex supply chains in the world. Take a look at our free guide Track and Manage Assets Better Than The Pentagon. It discusses the tracking techniques the military uses along with ways to improve upon their already effective asset tracking efforts.

iRAPT and the DoD: What Suppliers and Contractors Need to Know

iRAPT is an essential part of success when working with the Department of Defense. Adherence to best practices will not only ensure that you maintain your DoD contracts, but that you’re operating at peak efficiency.

Automating Electronic Submissions to iRAPT

If you are a government contractor or supplier, managing your data and understanding the Wide Area Workflow e-Business Suite is critical to the success of your programs. Make sure that your submissions to iRAPT and IUID Registry are done accurately and efficiently. You can’t waste time.

The Most Common Misconceptions About IUID and RFID Compliance

IUID and RFID compliance is a serious matter. Failing a compliance audit results in an immediate loss of reputation and a significant monetary expense. Many organizations are at risk for non-compliance due to commonly believed misconceptions.

The Top Reasons for Automating Inventory

How important is inventory management? How important is it to decide whether to keep track of a company’s inventory via manual methods as opposed to automated technology? How important is choosing the right automated technology? Based on the feedback of companies, the answers to the above questions are “very important.”

6 Ways A2B Tracking Alleviates Your IUID Registration Headache

You have IUIDs that need to be registered but the IUID Registry has recently merged with iRAPT (formerly WAWF). You’re not sure of the best way to get your IUIDs registered since this change has taken place. When you have tried to register your IUIDs in the past it was always very time consuming, confusing and costly.

Military Secrets Revealed: How You Can Track and Locate Equipment Like The Military

The US military, one of the most complex supply chains in the world, has undergone a major transformation in asset tracking and supply chain visibility. With hundreds of millions of assets being tracked and managed every day, they need to be organized and consistent. Their “best practices” can be applied to any business, no matter the size.