UID Compliance for Government Furnished Property

Are you aware of recent changes to all property-bearing DoD contracts administered by DCMA? A directive from Shay Assad, Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy underscores an urgent need to become compliant.

In that document dated 11 January, 2010, the Director asks the heads of virtually all DoD acquisition and contracting offices to have a detailed set of milestones for the implementation of UID, as specified in DFARS 252.211-7007, within six months.

What this means for is if you are not compliant with DFARS 252.211-7007 DoD customers will have to explain to the Director of Defense Procurement why a highly visible initiative is not being met with positive results, i.e., the electronic reporting of property, including individual items, linked to the proper contract number through the UID Registry.

A2B will have you UID compliant within two weeks.

Phase 1: We get you started…

  • We lend our support to help you draw up a complete implementation plan, along with ongoing training, policy coaching and user support.
  • You utilize a web browser to access UC!Web™ UID compliance software to virtually register all required property. Simply provide an Excel spreadsheet or flat file.
  • We guide you in acquiring the appropriate labels and/or plates as well as production and certification hardware if needed.

Phase 2: Completing the compliance process…
We help you to determine the most cost effective method of conducting the long term marking and registering exercise by addressing these questions:

  • Which marking methodology makes the most sense for you?
  • Should you employ in-house marking and data management software or should you outsource these functions?

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