Auto ID and IUID Professional Services

The Auto ID and IUID Professional Services You Need, When and How You Need Them.Services1-300x300

A2B offers a range of professional services for commercial, military and government organizations as an integral part of an overall Auto ID implementation strategy, or as a la carte solutions designed to deliver the highest possible value and resource infrastructure needed to perform Auto ID efforts in-house. There are three ways A2B can provide Automatic Identification services to you:

  • Consulting – We come in on an “as needed” basis to assess your needs and recommend the best course of action.
  • Project or Program Management – A2B works with you on a project or program basis to assess, plan, schedule and execute a solution for your organization.
  • Managed Services – A2B serves as an extension to your current operations by filling a functional role for continued support on-premise or remote.

A2B provides services ranging from business process assessment, compliance and program management, to training, system integration and data analytics. Many of our Auto ID solutions require not just a product component, but a service ingredient as well. Whatever the scope of your compliance and Auto ID goals are, we’re here to make sure it gets done on time, on quality and on budget.

Business Process Assessment
A2B can put together an end-to-end strategy for Auto ID and compliance that draws on real world observation and experience. We meet and collaborate with your team to see where cost and efficiency improvements can be made. We get to know your organization’s goals and requirements. And design a framework for success.

Marking and Data Capture
We mobilize IUID seek-and-apply teams anywhere and everywhere we’re needed to capture unique item data, apply IUID labels and data plates to assets and register it to official databases where data can be managed and updated. Our teams can perform in the most remote places on the planet and know how to get the job done with little or no disruption to your daily operations.

Program Management
A2B’s Auto ID program management experts have decades of proven, hands-on experience marshalling the resources and directing the personnel necessary to fulfill all the requirements of a successful Auto ID program using IUID barcodes and RFID tags. Our expertise spans every facet of a successful implementation: developing strategies, planning, defining roles, directing teams, hitting milestones and reporting progress.

Compliance and Regulations
A2B provides services that are specifically designed to ensure you are compliant with MIL-STD-130 and MIL-STD-129 standards as well as FAR and DFARs clauses for defense manufacturing, Government Furnished Property and US military operations. We make that sure IUID barcodes (marks), label and plate materials, RFID tags, and data reporting procedures comply with all applicable military, manufacturing, and quality standards.

Data Analytics and Reporting
Accurate data analytics and reporting are essential to effective decision making. A2B gives you the ability to know exactly what you have and where it’s located, that way data reporting is precise and the resulting performance metrics and analytics used for guiding future actions is sound.

Implementation and Training
A2B provides valuable assistance in getting your Auto ID software and hardware system up and running quickly and easily whether your solution is hosted in the cloud by A2B or you host it yourself. If you are migrating from a legacy system, we can convert your data to your new enterprise system. Training is available to help your team harness the full potential of software, hardware, and mobile devices.

System Integration
A2B service teams are adept at integrating our Auto ID systems and cloud-based asset tracking and data management software into your existing enterprise systems for seamless data transfer. Our flexible Application Program Interface (API) provides access to A2B application data within your enterprise user interface.


A solution to
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