Military-Grade Solutions for
Asset Tracking and Compliance

A Commercial RFID solution
to track assets and stock.

Key Features

♦ RFID Tracking with Smartphone
♦ Cloud-Based Asset Management
♦ RFID Gateways for Autonomous Tracking

A military solution to manage assets
and report to government systems.

Key Features

♦ Government Property Management, FAR 52.245-1
♦ Data Exchange to WAWF, PCARSS, IUID Registry
♦ Cradle to Grave Asset Management for DCMA

A solution to meet
100% military compliance.

Key Features

♦ Upload to WAWF for New Acquisition & Property
♦ Military Shipments with DD250s, DD1149s
♦ IUID Compliance

Custom IUID Labels, Plates
and RFID Tags with Fast Delivery.

Key Features

♦ Durable & Custom IUID Labels
♦ Military Shipping Labels
♦ RFID Asset Tags

A2B Tracking Solutions

For over 24 years, A2B Tracking has pioneered military-grade solutions for tracking and managing critical assets and inventory for government agencies and commercial businesses.

Whether you work for a branch of the US Military or you are a Commercial organization – we’ll help your enterprise take control of your assets by providing you secure, cloud-based asset tracking and inventory management solutions that incorporate advanced barcode and RFID technologies.

Military Asset Tracking Solution

Track and monitor critical assets with military precision. Our secure, cloud-based software lets you take control of your assets and improve inventory control by leveraging 1D/2D barcode, IUID or RFID tags.

The UC! Web software platform allows you to manage government property, material and equipment using advanced mobile computing and enables automatic data capture from one system that is accessible in the secure cloud to any desktop, tablet, smartphone or certified industrial scanner.

UC! Web is your all-in-one government property management system for tracking assets and managing Military compliance for government property and shipments with automated electronic reporting to WAWF, PIEE, GFP Module, the IUID Registry and PCARSS.

A Solution for IUID Compliance and Reporting

The UC! Web software platform was designed to provide total compliance to military asset and shipment identification standards.

Although powerful enough to handle all of your company property — UC! Web is different from other inventory management systems; because, it was designed from the ground-up for total IUID compliance and automated reporting to government systems such as PIEE, WAWF, GFP Module, IUID Registry and PCARSS.

This FedRamp secure, cloud-based system helps you achieve 100% compliance to all of the military standards for asset and shipment identification (IUID and RFID). UC! Web also provides integrated reporting to WAWF, PIEE, iRAPT, GFP Module, IUID Registry and PCARSS without the high labor costs and increased risks of manual data entry.

Commercial Asset Tracking Solution

A2B Tracking software platform is purpose-built for corporations and government organizations to leverage RFID and barcode tracking for serialized items such as parts, tools, equipment, containers and more while tracking non-serialized stock items to locations such as buildings, rooms, bins or containers.

Manage critical assets with secure cloud-enabled Mobile RFID technology that leverages your smartphone or tablet to perform physical inventories, locate assets, check-in and check-out, cycle counts and more.

Custom IUID Labels, Plates and RFID Tags

At A2B Tracking, we can provide you with compliant IUID or RFID labels and plates. Made within our modern manufacturing facilities, we create custom label and plate solutions for any asset or environment. We manufacture all of the most common label materials that are MIL STD 130 compliant including polyester, metalized polyester, polyacrylic, foil and photo anodized aluminum.

We also specialize in providing compliant Military Shipping Labels that meet Military Standard 129 (MIL-STD-129) requirements for shipments and storage containers. If MIL-STD-129R has been called out in your contract, we can assist you with a shipping label that incorporates an RFID inlay for streamlined DLA processing and an improved audit trail.

IUID e-Registration

In addition to our labels and plates, we offer e-Registration services to enable you with error-free uploading of your IUID data to WAWF, PIEE and the IUID Registry. Our e-Registration services offer you a hassle-free way to ensure your IUID data elements and asset pedigree are properly formatted and reported to the IUID Registry. We also mitigate any data quality issues that might arise and send you an IUID Registration Report after every submission.