Leveraging Today’s Technology to Grow Your Business

Technology should make your work easier, not get in your way. Now you can lower your IT overhead using a centralized cloud-based solution that manages and tracks your assets throughout their lifecycle in a single application. A2B designs, develops and deploys web-based software that ties together all forms of barcode and RFID identification and tagging with integrated scanning and mobility using industrial scanners, mobile computers and smartphones, all hosted and connected to the A2B cloud.

Automatic Identification Technology

We give you the identifiers and tools you need to capture data into your system, reduce errors, and ensure that you comply with industry standards. We provide barcode solutions that include item-unique identification (IUID) 2D Data Matrix barcodes for MIL-STD-130 compliance as well as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to let you quickly perform an inventory, track the movement of all your products, parts and equipment, and ship on time.

Asset Management in the Cloud

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, we host the asset tracking and data management software for you and provide all software updates. Your IT overhead is minimized while your enterprise leverages all the benefits that the latest technology cloud technology offers. You can also choose a self-hosted system on-premise for complete control.

Centralized Data Management

Your results are only as good as your data. Our solution strategy is to make sure you generate and use accurate data right from the start, so that you can rely on one version of the truth throughout your organization and embed it into your business processes.

Data Security

A2B leverages world-class Web Services (AWS) to deliver a secure, scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and reliability. We comply with industry standards, regulations and certifications. You get a fail-safe system that delivers automated Disaster Recovery protection for your business.

Seamless Application Integration

A2B enables you to connect software applications and external databases to provide continuous workflow so your personnel can work seamlessly with minimal training. Our flexible Application Program Interface (API) provides access to our application data within your enterprise user interface.

A2B leverages advanced software development and commercial off the shelf hardware for laser etching, printing, scanning, mobile computing, verification, and reading. This powerful combination of technologies ensures that the most secure and accessible cloud-enabled software is available to you whenever and wherever you need it.


A solution to
track assets and report
with military precision.

A solution to
meet 100% military compliance
and achieve total peace of mind.

Custom IUID Labels and
Military Shipping Labels (MSL)
shipped to my door.