Scan IUID Items and Assets Anytime, Anywhere

UC! Web Mobile Software Solutions

A2B delivers scalable options for mobile deployment. Scan and edit detailed data, and perform accurate inventory, from a mobile device that connects with UC! Web in the cloud. Get visibility from remote areas and be confident you’ll always know where your assets are. Our system has built-in support for unlimited mobile devices.

Tablet and Android Support

  • Fully featured tablet with online operation
  • IUID validation to MIL-STD-130 with registry check for Android

Hand-held Computer Support

  • Seamless integration with Motorola® and Intermec mobile computers
  • Direct connection to UC! Web databases through wireless RF or batch connections

Try our Free Mobile UID Tracking Solutions

A2B UID Tracker Free Mobile App for Android

Now you can use your mobile device’s camera to read and validate a IUID code to MIL-STD-130 using the same decoding engine as our full-featured UC! Web. Our free app will do a syntax check in accordance with ISO standards, display a human-readable UII containing enterprise ID, part number, serial number and other data, and perform a registration check with the IUID Registry. Scan all types of IUID materials and sizes.

Click here to download A2B’s free Android App at Google Play!

UC! Web Validator

If you have access to the internet and a web browser you can sign up for our web-based application that validates UIDs and check existence of entries to the IUID Registry. UC! Web Validator enables scanning and interpreting of Data Matrix bar codes, marks and tags that meet MIL STD 130N.

Click here to sign-up for an account today
Try UC! Web Validator, our FREE reliable quality check for all your UIDs. We would like to make you aware of our FREE web-based software that is a reliable quality check for all your IUIDs. Our objective is to support the UID Policy office efforts to reduce the instance of improperly formatted 2D Data Matrix bar codes and UII’s.

To learn more about UC! Web Validator, click here or view the video below.


A solution to
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with military precision.

A solution to
meet 100% military compliance
and achieve total peace of mind.

Custom IUID Labels and
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