A commercial solution
to track assets and stock
with military precision.

A military solution
to manage assets and report
to government systems.

A solution to meet 100% military compliance

Custom IUID Labels,
Plates and RFID Tags

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“They are quick to respond, and that saves us time and keeps us from going down a dead end. A2B Tracking was extremely responsive and answered all my questions as they arose. In the end, business always boils down to people, and A2B Tracking’s people are personable and very knowledgeable.”

– US Navy

“We were very pleased to find a company like A2B Tracking that has produced a ‘roadmap’ to total compliance and yet was able to meet the particular needs of a smaller company.”

– Melton Industries

“Our team selected A2B Tracking and UC! Web™ software not only because it was the best IUID data management and reporting software product for the legacy environment, but also because of the knowledge and responsiveness of the company’s staff.”

– US Army

“The first major hurdle was overcome by utilizing the services of A2B Tracking. They had a great grasp of IUID requirements. The analysis phase resulted in A2B Tracking providing specific guidance regarding the actions we would need to address in order to implement a fully compliant IUID marking and registration process.”

– L3 Technologies

“After researching various RFID options in the market, we were pleased to have found A2B Tracking who has been a key technology vendor that provides very personalized and reliable tech support.”

– North Sails



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